Quick Response

Card deck, 2022

With the pandemic, many places have begun to offer the possibility of accessing the menu exclusively via QR codes placed on the table, in the form of cards or stickers. The ability to interpret them is taken for granted, so owners often don't bother to add a human-intelligible alphanumeric URL. More generally, in the coming years, an increasing number of signs and information in our cities will be aimed at “smart” readers, vehicles and devices, not at human inhabitants.

Without technological aids, this information is impossible for the human eye to decipher. Such poor design choices create new unnecessary forms of dependence on technology in exploring the world around us.

Quick Response is a fully functional deck of French-suited playing cards. The peculiarity of these cards is that their value is expressed through a unique QR code printed on each card's face.

The distinction between red and black codes is the only clue that is given to human players. Using this deck, any game becomes extremely tedious and requires constant scans to recognize the cards in play and those in hand. This would also be a major disadvantage for human players in speedy games, such as Pig or Donkey.

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