Cultura algoritmica: l’influenza della AI sull’immaginario collettivo

Games we’ll never play has been chosen among three hundred projects for the exhibition “Italy: a new collective landscape”, which takes place at ADI Design Museum until September 10th 2023. Our game Less Who? is going to be playable by all visitors to the exhibition.

After our speech at AIXA 2022 summit, we were interviewed about our project Games we’ll never play and the role that speculative design can have in dealing with controversial topics such as artificial intelligence.

We have been asked about what Speculative design is and how it can help us navigate through uncertain times with the power of active imagination.

Listen to the podcast "Progettare futuri alternativi con This is not a Duo - EP 40"

Our project Games we’ll never play is premiering during Milano Design Week 2022 at BASE Milano, participating in the international exhibition We Will Design.