🖼️ Exhibition: “Italy: a new collective landscape”

04 April 2023

Games we’ll never play has been chosen among three hundred projects for the exhibition “Italy: a new collective landscape”, which takes place at ADI Design Museum until September 10th 2023. Our game Less Who? is going to be playable by all visitors to the exhibition.

The thoughts and ideas of a community of young Italian designers are displayed as the cultural manifestation of a counter-reform that questioned lifestyles and production. Today, designers act with environmental responsibility and radical freedom, which translate into imagining how the dynamics of transforming external reality can have an impact on living, which can then be extended to urban and non-urban spaces, social relationships and symbiotic alliances, and new forms of behaviour.

We're going to be part of the public program events, with presentations, workshops and a round table. Stay tuned for more details.