Games we’ll never play

A playroom for intelligent machines

2021 – ongoing

Games we’ll never play is a collection of recreational activities for computers, robots and AIs. It is a playroom for the age of intelligent machines.

With a series of experiential artifacts, this project illustrates how some classic games could become aberrant, boring or frustrating, if recalibrated to be played by machines that think and perceive the world differently from human beings.
What if AI decided to take part in human tabletop games by rewriting their mechanics? Would we still be able to have fun, win or even just understand these new rules?
Using seemingly familiar games as a starting point, the project aims to inspire people to reflect on our controversial relationship with technology and the role AI is playing in shaping our thinking about the world.

Games we’ll never play has been premiered during Milano Design Week 2022 at BASE Milano, participating in the international exhibition We Will Design.

The project has been selected for the exhibition Italy: a new collective landscape, held at the ADI Design Museum in Milano (2023) and then at HKDI Gallery: Hong Kong Design Center (2024).

It has also been presented during interactive play sessions in multiple occasions in Italy and Europe.

All our games have been certified as HUMAN COMPATIBLE™
The HUMAN COMPATIBLE™ label ensures that standard human beings* are able to use and enjoy these products.  
Look for this label on all products and accessories in your daily life.
Items not carrying this label have not been tested on human users and are not guaranteed to be reliable, understandable and/or accessible.

* Special conditions and individual deficits not considered.

Games in the collection:

Board game, 2021 – 2023

Card deck, 2022

Puzzle magazines, 2022 – 2024

Jigsaw puzzle, 2022

Board game, 2022

Board game, 2022

Video game, 2022

Video game, 2022