This is not a DUO, it’s the joint research and experimentation journey in the field of speculative design, conducted by two designers, Giulio Bordonaro and Nicoletta Gomboli.

We're fascinated by complexity as an intellectual challenge and strive for simplicity as the product of creativity and good design.Our focus is on Branding and Speculative design. In our research, education and design activities, we have been experimenting and refining several future-imagination techniques. We want to foster reflections, involving people and organizations in envisioning alternative worlds.We do not want to escape from reality, instead we want to give our contribution in redesigning it, with awareness and foresight.

Giulio Bordonaro

Futures Design Educator

Giulio is an award-winning designer with specialization in branding, user experience and publishing. For the past 15 years he has worked with institutional and private world-class brands. He teaches undergraduate courses in the field of brand design and future scenarios at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, exploring generative art, neural networks and web3.

Nicoletta Gomboli

Brand & Speculative designer

Nicoletta is a brand and speculative designer specialized in service, packaging and game design. In 2017 she started working in the luxury and high fashion sector. Today she’s a branding consultant for international communication companies, teaches and designs speculative design, focused on both social and environmental sustainability.

Appearances, Exhibitions and Talks


  • "Italy: A New Collective Landscape" – HKDI Gallery - Hong Kong Design Center, Hong Kong, CN
    • "Chasing Futures" – ITAS Forum, Trento, IT


      • "Design & AI Symposium" – TU Delft, Delft, NL
        • "Zona Warpa" – Cascina Torchiera Occupata, Milano, IT
          • "Italy: A New Collective Landscape" – ADI Design Museum, Milano, IT


            • "We Will Design: Exhibit" – BASE, Milano, IT
              • "AIXA Summit 2022: Artificial Intelligence Expo of Applications" – Fiera Milano, Milano, IT

                Our projects

                A playroom for intelligent machines

                A low-resolution activism tool