A low-resolution activism tool 

The good news is that we may still have a small time window to limit global warming to 1.5°C and avert the most terrible consequences of climate change. But the deadline is coming soon.
The Climate Clock project measures it in real time – second by second – opening our eyes to the imminence of the crisis and raising awareness on the multiple lifelines that could buy us more time (such as the use of renewable energy).

Monumental versions of the Climate Clock are being installed in cities around the world (the first one in New York City), as iconic reference points for citizens and passers-by.

We surely need monuments. But to truly shift public awareness we also need everyday objects.

Apart from installing a Climate Clock in your town, building your own action clock is still extremely difficult: IT, electronics and DIY skills are needed to make it work and keep it in sync.
That’s the reason why we have designed the Climate Calendar: to give an alternative tool to people and activist groups who don’t have this kind of skills and still want an impactful object to make the issue tangible.

The Climate Calendar is a low-resolution, manual version made of paper of the countdown towards the deadline, performing the same task without electronic devices or internet connectivity. It can be self produced and easily displayed in homes, schools, offices and shops.
Moreover, it adds the power of active daily ritual to mere passive awareness and it can be a powerful trigger for reflection, discussion and action.

How can I get a Climate Calendar?

You can build your own calendar with some paper, a bunch of simple tools and minimal effort. Follow these instructions and then display it in your house, school, office or shop. Show it to other people and use it as a conversation starter about climate crisis and the importance of acting in time.

Alternatively, you are going to be able soon to buy a ready-made Climate Calendar, whose earnings will be donated to the cause. Contact us if you are interested.